Usually, when forming a startup, entrepreneurs answer only one question: “What do I want and will do?” And they believe that the answer to it will solve the main business problems. This, perhaps, will bring glory to your organization, but it will not tell you in any way how to reduce costs or, as they say, “cut bones”. Therefore, you should consider the following important issues:

– Who will be the main consumer of my products or services?

“Why will he choose me among others?”

– Why am I better than my competitors?

Only after passing these control points, you will understand what costs will be mandatory and which will be possible to save. For example, if you have an online store, then you need several small outposts near the metro, and not a comfortable office with leather sofas in the business center cities. The most important thing is to distinguish the main from the secondary. And secondary here can be consumables, printed advertising and information media or office content, and the main thing is the process of creating a product and organizing sales.

At the initial stage, it is not only possible, but also necessary to save on all controlling posts, because until the moment of reaching the payback point, management functions should be concentrated in the hands of the founder or director.

The more he goes deeper into the secrets of specific professions, the more he will be able to save not only at the start, but also at subsequent stages, having the opportunity to formulate technical tasks for contractors or to attract specialists to the staff for specific tasks and workload required by the organization.

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