1. Vending – trade using automatic machines

In the next, 2014, analysts predict a significant increase in vending. The ability to quickly purchase food (coffee, tea, drinking water, chocolate bars), the lack of lines and contact with staff attract people to vending machines.

According to studies, about two-thirds of Russians, being in public places, at train stations, educational institutions, would prefer to use the services of vending machines, since eating in a cafe is relatively long and expensive.

The vending niche in Russia is practically empty: in Japan this year, the ratio of 1 vending machine to 23 customers was registered, in the USA – 1 vending machine for 35 people, and in Europe – 1 in 110. At the same time, 2,500 customers in Russia have 1 vending machine !

2. Business on the Internet

Online business does not require its owners full employment and large investments, which attracts many people. Next year, they forecast a steady increase in the share of online businesses.

People working on the Internet create their own thematic sites, blog and open online stores, where they earn on the provision of consulting services, sales of goods and advertising publications.

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3. Natural products

Eco-trends continue to gain popularity – next year they forecast growth in the market share of natural products at almost 20%. The main consumers of natural products are urban residents, tired of harmful and saturated with food additives. The solution is small suburban farms providing products grown without the use of chemicals.

4. Handicrafts

The growth of the direction that has been relevant for about 3 years will slow down and stabilize in 2014. Hand embroidery, household items, stucco and carvings attract customers with their uniqueness and the idea of ​​”returning to the roots.” Themed items dedicated to specific places and events are especially popular.

5. Natural cosmetics

The market of hypoallergenic cosmetics that does not contain dyes and preservatives in Russia is now represented by expensive foreign brands. To purchase such products from the average women there is no way.

The growth of this industry in Russia is due to the high cost of similar foreign products and the small investments necessary to open a business.

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6. House store

In residential areas dominated by apartment buildings and the private sector, grocery stores are usually located near public transport.

To reach them, people often have to travel long distances on foot. For small grocery stores and household chemicals, a small but steady growth is forecast next year due to a lack of supply for growing demand.

7. Training courses

Serious training courses with extensive experience and workloads are not cheap, and classes are held during the working day or on weekends. When organizing evening courses, it becomes possible to capture an audience for which ordinary courses are not suitable.

In addition, a narrow specialization or an abridged program of university, as well as technical disciplines will be relevant for the almost empty niche of such courses.

8. Call center

In some cases, the business can not do without additional one-time help. It is not advisable to open your own call center, phoning customers, accepting orders and advising people on the hotline during the campaign, so companies turn to those who provide the appropriate services for an additional fee. Telemarketing as a promotion method has remained relevant for many years, and next year the situation does not plan to change.

9. Services for the public

An almost empty niche for which analysts predict stable growth in the context of the ongoing crisis. Services for the public include delivery of orders, repair of household items and “husband for an hour”. Starting with the provision of services to neighbors and acquaintances, creating your own small business without investments is completely realistic.

10. Internet mediation

The increase in the number of purchases from China, where prices are much lower, is becoming increasingly popular. In order to understand the system of making and paying for an order, the average citizen will have to study a lot of information about payment systems, legislation and working conditions of specific online stores. It is much easier for many to pay an outsider to complete an order.

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