2. Sports nutrition

In large cities, there is now a trend in sports. People finally started going to gyms to “work with iron.” Everyone wants to be beautiful, healthy and successful. Such people can sell sports nutrition.

Ideally, bulk purchases should be made in the USA. But if there is no such opportunity, then there are companies that sell sports nutrition in bulk and in Moscow. In retail margins go from 10 to 50%.

The advantage of this business is that having formed a customer base, you can constantly offer them your products. If you take, for example, a can of protein or gainer, then on average it lasts for 2 months. If your prices are competitive, then every 2 months your customer will be “marked” by the purchase.

3. Intimate goods

Yes, there is a good mark-up for all kinds of sex toys. Here, for example, part of one of the ads for the sale of an online store of intimate goods.

The business is highly marginal. The average mark-up on goods is about 150%. The product is small-sized, lightweight and very simple to trade. No problems with returns within 14 days, warranty period, delivery.

On erotic lingerie, the margin can reach up to 200%. Sometimes this is a minimum.

The niche is specific and there are many nuances, but there is money there. It remains to “overcome the constraint” and go.

These are only approximate directions that you should pay attention to.

We are not talking about dropshipping with Chinese goods, because every second person who was looking for his own, the same “creative business idea,” thought about it. We will not repeat once again.

By the way, subscribers of our site can get material about business ideas in 2014, which were compiled by our editor + about 80 niches in which you can try your hand. This material will be relevant in 2015.

3. Home Based Business Ideas

Say what you like, but most home businesses. Actually, people got a more or less interesting opportunity to earn money from home only when the Internet became available in almost every house.

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