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Almost half of the inhabitants of planet Earth live in rural areas. As soon as the village is not called – a village, a hacienda, a village, a ranch. Life in the village is sedate and measured; it cannot be compared with city bustle. And for the most part, the rural population works in agriculture. Let’s look at what interesting business ideas exist for rural areas with small investments besides the usual for every villager.

Growing crayfish is a promising and low-cost business idea for rural area No. 1!

Those who have not tried cancer meat have lost a lot. I want to feel its gentle and unique taste again and again. However, this gastronomic pleasure is not cheap: a kilo of such a product will cost a Russian six to seven hundred rubles. And although cancer meat is a very popular delicacy, Russia still does not have large cancer farms. Now, for the most part, China, Turkey, Spain are engaged in the supply of this meat to our country. This type of business is not very expensive, but the payback does not come immediately. It will take about a year for the crayfish to grow. But given the rather high selling price, little competition in this industry and small starting investments, this business idea for the countryside is very interesting and attracts many entrepreneurs.

Where to start breeding crayfish?

The first thing you need to decide is what to breed these tasty arthropods for. There are several options – an aquarium, an artificial pond or a natural pond.

Aquarium is the most costly way, but certainly having its advantages. In a small aquarium of 250 liters, the crayfish feel quite comfortable, they grow quickly, and the feed, in turn, is spent much less. You can control the temperature of the water even in winter. Cancers in this case do not have to hibernate, while their metabolism does not slow down. The result is three months faster growth than their usual growth in the natural environment. As for the aquarium itself, it is not very similar to the usual aquarium for fish. Feature – this is a wide bottom. The walls should be no more than one meter high, made of glass or strong plastic.

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