No one will argue with the fact that mini-production for small businesses is the most reliable and sustainable source of income. The independent creation and sale of demanded products is much more profitable than regular trade. The main thing is to correctly identify the right niche and competently organize a business. In the article, we propose to get acquainted with the most profitable ideas of small type productions.

Mini bakery

A small bakery, always delighting customers with fresh bakery products, is a great idea for a private business.

To open a bakery you will need:

Equipment in the amount of 400 thousand rubles – for the production of 350 kg. bakery products per day, up to 800 thousand rubles – for the production of 500-700 kg. bread and baking.

Rental of premises with communications: power supply, sewage, water supply – from 50 thousand rubles per month. The area of ​​the premises should be at least 70-120 square meters. meters.

Salaries to employees (2-4 people) and taxes – 60 – 140 thousand rubles. monthly.

Registration of IP, permits of SES, fire departments – 30-40 thousand rubles.

Advertising costs – 10-15 thousand rubles. per month.

Profitability of a mini-bakery is 20-50% of the production volume, i.e. for every 100 thousand rubles of revenue, net profit will be 20-50 thousand rubles.

Pellet production

Demand for a new and efficient type of fuel – pellets – is growing every day. To organize a mini pellet plant is a very profitable and promising investment.

To create a business from scratch you will need:

Buy the pressing equipment for the manufacture of fuel pellets from wood waste. The price of equipment varies from $ 65,000 for a new, imported one, with a productivity of 500 kg. raw materials per hour, up to $ 1,500 per second-hand, imported, with a productivity of 100 kg. in hour.

To rent a room for production and a warehouse – an area of ​​at least 100 – 150 sq. M. The cost of rent will cost 60-80 thousand rubles a month.

Profitability of production is about 100%, so the costs will pay off quickly. With the sale of 1 ton of pellets, the net profit is $ 60. In a month, income can range from 18 to 25 thousand dollars.

Dumpling production

Dumplings, made according to individual recipes with their own hands, you can sell in stores or open your own dumplings and develop a business in two directions.

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