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Modern Argentines are mostly descendants of Italians. Above all, they value freedom and family. They like to express their feelings violently and eat a lot of meat. To your attention there are nine main quirks of Argentines, whose knowledge will help to better understand this country and easier to establish contact with its inhabitants.

The locals could not pronounce a difficult foreign word, so they began to call brightly painted wooden toys mothers.

And in 1989, one of the most popular chocolate brands in the country, Mamuschka, appeared in Argentina with a signature red packaging on which a matryoshka is painted.

Visit psychologists regularly

According to statistics, Argentina is the country with the largest number of psychologists per capita. For 690 people there is one practitioner. In cities, this figure is much higher than in the provinces. Most Argentines visit a psychologist at least once a week and sincerely believe that they can’t cope with their own problems.

Adore platform shoes

Fashion for women’s shoes here seems to have remained forever in the 90s. In autumn and winter, Argentines bravely walk the streets in dark boots or boots on a tall platform, most often light brown.

They stumble, twist their legs, but remain faithful to their ideal of beauty. With the onset of heat, the ladies change their shoes in sandals or slippers on the platform a little lower.

Do not use electric kettles

Firstly, the country has very expensive household appliances. Secondly, in this way the Argentines pay tribute to the Gaucho – Latin American cowboys who drove herds of cows along the endless plain – the pampa – and cooked food exclusively on the fire. In addition, the mate so beloved by Argentines is brewed with water that has not yet boiled. It is removed from the fire as soon as the first bubbles appear.

Can’t live without football

Here, all major matches are obligatory watched and, since childhood, have been rooting for the chosen team, keeping it faithful all their lives. And at least once a week, Argentines gather with friends to chase the ball. Hourly rental of small football fields is a very common and profitable business.

Coca-Cola Stomach Balm

The most popular local alcoholic cocktail is mixed from the Italian herbal balm Fernet Branca with Coca-Cola. And if in Europe it is drunk after meals in its pure form to improve digestion, then in Argentina it is often sold in liters in large jugs. From an unaccustomed taste, Fernet resembles a cough syrup mixed with soda.

Prefer coffee mate

In Argentina, it’s quite difficult to buy good coffee. The one that is sold in supermarkets is usually weak and already with sugar.

The real strong and fragrant is only in special stores or cafes, and it costs two to three times more expensive. Therefore, locals drink mate in the morning, a hot drink made from shredded dried leaves of an evergreen tree – the Holly of Paraguay.

He invigorates better than any strongly brewed coffee. Argentines add sugar, honey, fruit, and even milk to the mate to taste.

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