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Technology for customer focus

Technologies and modern IT solutions significantly expand the opportunities for increasing customer focus on the business.

Say, using the tools of “smart analytics” (BI analytics), firms can easily and simply analyze consumer demand and preferences of their customers. CRM systems make it possible to automate the work of call centers to the maximum and provide customers with personalized service. And with the help of complex IT solutions, you can automate and link production, CRM, and after-sales service.

For example, BI platforms and BI applications from Microsoft, SAS Institute, Oracle, SAP, etc. allow you to solve problems such as sales analysis and forecasting, financial budgeting, forecasting, risk analysis, analysis of changes in consumer demand, trend analysis, etc. P. They can be used more widely, for example, to control the overall performance of the company as a whole (the so-called enterprise perfomance management) or to build a balanced scorecard.

Restaurants and cafes, for example, using BI analysis, can find out which new products should be added to the menu, which dishes, on the contrary, are better excluded, which inefficient points to close, and where – to strengthen the seats with staff, etc. They also use BI for tactical issues such as revising contracts with food suppliers and identifying ways to improve key processes. In retail through BI, you can analyze customer loyalty and quality of service. Online stores also actively use business analytics to establish their business processes, identify the target audience and niche, evaluate offers on bank cards, etc. Also, using BI-systems, you can adjust the work on individual and group goals and objectives, which leads to more efficient work of professional teams.

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