What is a small business?
Advantages of the Business editorial office The Small Business editorial office lacks some features, such as Abandoned Shopping Carts, Kits and Kits, and others. To get all the product’s functionalities, you can go to the Business editorial office. Advanced functions of the Business editorial office: Multi-pricingMulti-storage Cumulative discounts Affiliate programs Customer accountsReports for the online storeSubscription for new products arrivalSets and kitsListen user baskets

Want to expand the site? Go from the editorial office “Small Business” to “senior” – “Business” – and you will get additional opportunities. The cost of the transition is equal to the difference in the price of the editions.

Adaptive Hermitage interface Site management is carried out using the Hermitage technology, combining not only interface solutions, but also a “package” of recommendations for web developers. The Hermitage is a set of rules, following which the developer creates a fast, safe, convenient and easily managed web project. The Hermitage simplifies the development of a content management system, reduces the proportion of erroneous user actions, saves time when making changes to the site, and reduces the cost of training employees.


The administrator of the project developed on the basis of “1C-Bitrix: Site Management – Small Business” will be able to: create an online store, place thousands of items in the site’s catalogs, upload to the site and update catalog data and prices in CSV format using MS Excel or other programs — upload goods and prices from “1C” to site directories — update catalog data, upload order information from the site to “1C” —export data to Yandex.Market and Froogle — manage discounts — establish the dependence of prices on the delivery zone -accept and process To place orders – configure the interface for payment of the order through conventional and electronic payment systems and much more.

To manage a project created on the basis of “1C-Bitrix: Site Management – Small Business”, it is not necessary to involve specialists in the field of programming and html-layout.

Directory Management

Small Business allows you to catalog any information, place thousands of product names in the site’s catalogs, collect product properties, perform product comparisons, upload to the site and update catalog data and prices in CSV format using MS Excel or other programs that support this format.

Uploading data to a catalog in CommerceML format

Small Business allows you to configure the loading and updating of data into catalogs in the CommerceML format (a single standard for exchanging commercial information in XML format, supported by 1C). As a result, you can easily configure the data upload from the 1C: Enterprise program to the site directory. Product compatibility with the 1C: Enterprise program is confirmed by a 1C company certificate.

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