Tiny good deed

Have you ever wanted to stop working for someone and become your own boss? Does the prospect attract you to get your own enterprise, management, growth and development of which would be occupied only by you? Or maybe you have long dreamed of realizing your creative potential by opening your own business, unlike others? All these and many other opportunities you can give a small business. True, he not only attracts, but also scares thousands of people around the world. Very many would be glad to do it, but have absolutely no idea where to start and what exactly will be required of them in the future. Fortunately, everything is not as scary as it might seem at first glance. In the book of Eric Tyson and Jim Shell, who themselves are the owners of several successful small enterprises, you will find a lot of useful tips. All of them are tested by time and personal experience of authors or people they know. From the 2nd edition of the book Small Business for Dummies, the reader learns about how to open a new business or acquire an existing one, manage your time, people and finances. She will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of franchising, home business, teach to draw up a business plan. After reading it, you will succeed sooner or later. The book will be of interest to both current small business owners and those who are just dreaming of mastering this role.

Tell the book about this book to your friends and colleagues: LikeISBN ENG0-7645-5481-6Page count320Year of release2008File format70x100 / 16Binding type soft coverNewspaper paper SeriesFor dummies … Author Eric Tyson, Jim Shell Original name: Smart Business For Dummies, 2nd Edition

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