Mini production

1. Production of building materials

In small cities, labor is generally cheaper than in large cities. Therefore, any business associated with production will be more profitable here. Moreover, in small towns, rent and utilities are cheaper and it is much easier to choose a land plot and premises. The local administration is also more accommodating and easier to establish contacts in official circles.

One of the most common and proven businesses in small towns is the production of building materials. First of all, these are foam blocks, cinder blocks, bricks (including lego), self-supporting insulated panels, paving slabs, curbs, reinforced concrete rings, etc. For landscape design, you can produce bulk materials such as decorative gravel and decorative chips.

There is a lot of options, you just need to act. Sales of building materials can be carried out in the nearest major city, construction companies and private buyers.

2. Mini-bakery

The business of all time, regardless of the size of the city, is the production of bread and bakery products. During the crisis, the consumption of bakery products increases sharply, so now is the time to open a similar business.

Opening a mini-bakery will cost at least 700 thousand rubles, provided that the business is organized in a ready-made, rented premise. The most cost-effective option is the production of bakery products: sweet buns, croissants, pizza, pies, crackers, sticks, crackers, etc. Unlike bread (essential goods), the margin on buns and croissants can reach 100 percent or more.

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