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Business idea: Mediation in the field of repair services.

Today I want to consider with you one very interesting business idea that floats on the surface, but which many do not even realize about. This business idea is called mediation in the field of repair services.

Do you know that in the good half of cases when you call on newspaper (or any other) ads in search of someone who will screw you a shelf or change the siphon in the sink, you call intermediaries? Surprisingly, this is just so – it turns out that mediation in the field of repair is a fairly common and very profitable business, which at its initial level requires almost no costs! Unless, of course, you already have a computer and a phone.

So, the plumber or electrician who comes to you gives very good commissions to intermediaries who load them with work. They make up 20, 30, and sometimes even 50 percent of the total amount that the master receives for the work. Do not be surprised and do not doubt – this is reliable information. Why don’t you try yourself in this business.

The essence of the business idea: This scheme is simple and even primitive, like all ingenious. All that needs to be done is to find a friend (or several) plumbers (electricians, tilers, etc.) who agree to fulfill your orders on mutually beneficial terms, and then advertise in the newspaper ads and on popular whiteboards on the Internet. If you do not have such acquaintances, then first you need to give another announcement – that there are vacancies in these specialties, and arrange with the specialists calling you. That’s all, after that it remains only to wait for calls and, upon receipt of profit, try (especially at the initial stage) to develop further.

First of all, development is understood as such important steps as registering an IP (although, of course, it is better to do it at the very beginning), installing a separate telephone line (preferably with a beautiful number), creating and promoting the necessary keywords of your own website, and so on. Do not “eat up” all the first profit – then the profit at number two will surprise you even more, what can we say about the third and fourth incomes.

In addition, you need to be very sensitive to such crucial issues as honesty and sobriety of employees, their professionalism, tidy appearance, etc. Also, try to maintain maximum position in conversation with even the most nervous clients and follow the common sense that the client is always right.

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