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How to choose an idea for a small town?

At the word “business” a certain image often arises in the head: a respectable man in a business suit leaves the office of an international corporation. At the same time, the office is certainly located somewhere in a skyscraper in the very center of the metropolis.

However, we all know that businessmen can look as they please, and business has a place not only in millionaires, but also in small cities. And you can conduct your business in the district center no less successfully than in Moscow.

It is only necessary to take into account some features of small towns. If you are just about to open your own business in one of these settlements and are looking for a business idea for it, this article is for you.

A bit about small towns

When starting a business in a small city, it is important to consider its features. As a rule, they are approximately the same regardless of whether it is a resort town in the south or a small northern settlement.

There is no consensus on which city to consider small. As a rule, small towns include those where the population does not exceed 50 thousand people. But businessmen are often called small and cities with a population of 500 thousand people.

The main thing that allows us to classify cities as small ones is still the state and characteristics of the economy. What are they like?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the welfare of residents. In small towns, as a rule, a little work, often a large proportion of the inhabitants work in one city-forming enterprise. This allows business owners to set low salaries. Therefore, the incomes of the population in such towns are often small. Although, of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

The second important factor is the mentality of city residents.

President of the Interregional Public Organization for the Protection and Support of Small and Medium Businesses “Business People”

Take into account the specifics of the population, namely the qualitative composition: military, workers, people of science, as well as age categories.

In tourist areas, business can be made focused on visitors, although in this case you will have to put up with its seasonality. But in cities where tourists do not suffer from an influx of holidaymakers, it is better not to open extravagant establishments.

Another feature of small towns is the labor market. As mentioned above, it is usually underdeveloped. At the same time, it is very difficult to find highly qualified specialists as professionals in very narrow sectors in a small city. Therefore, an enterprise requiring a large number of rare and valuable personnel should not be opened in a small city.

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