Profitable small business without

The ability to work from home, without the cost of office space and staff salaries, is the dream of many people who want to open a small business. We offer you examples of franchises for conducting a mini-business at home with minimal investment.

Cards, money, phone

How do you like the idea of ​​opening an enterprise for 15 thousand rubles, whose services are in great demand? We are talking about the Cardzavod franchise specializing in the production of plastic cards. Now, no matter what cafe or shop you go to, everywhere you will be offered either to purchase a discount, or, for example, to issue a bonus savings card. And all of them must first be made somewhere. Given the number of institutions that want to issue their cards – the demand for this kind of business is simply enormous.

From the franchisee is required to simply receive an order by phone or via the Internet and send an application for printing. Then accept the parcel and hand it over to the client. How to develop and promote your business on the market, the franchisee is free to choose for himself. Forcing to follow some standard he will not have to.

“A business is great for working from home, as it requires a minimum of investment. Having made just a few orders, the franchisee fully pays for the costs of buying a franchise. So, approximately 50% of our partners work at home, and among them are both start-up entrepreneurs and those who have completed business, who buy in addition to the core business, ”project manager Ramil Gariev shared with us.

The mobile application for business is the main trend of recent years. A lot of companies in various industries (food delivery, sushi bars, taxis, various agencies, clothing stores and others) create their own mobile applications for the convenience of their customers and business promotion. Therefore, “AppGlobal” offers its franchisees to take advantage of the high level of demand in the market and sell ready-made applications.

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