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When the usual marketing tools cease to bring the desired effect, and the company does not have enough money, it is worth trying to build marketing without investing huge amounts of money with the help of our own employees. They will help to find the least costly ways to promote goods and services. In this article, company executives share their experience of increasing sales without significant investment in marketing (see also Seven ways to advertise without investment).

No-investment marketing: customer workshops and paper letters

Vladimir Sizykh, Marketing Director, Smart Business Technologies, Moscow

Low-cost marketing does not mean less quality. Much depends on the talents of full-time marketers and the ability to include employees from other departments in the promotion of goods. I’ll tell you the ways of marketing without the costs that we use.

Idea 1. Contextual advertising. It requires a small (but constant) budget, attracts the target audience to the site – people who in the search engine have formulated a request relevant to your service. Convenient in that you can change the settings (keywords) and track the effectiveness up to every phone call to the company. An important condition is that contextual advertising should be constant, a one-time action will not allow you to skim the cream for a long time. For example, we spend about 5% of the marketing budget on this promotion channel.

Idea 2. Free seminars for clients. 15-30 people participate in one seminar, half of them come to the office, half listen to the seminar online. Organization costs: employee time, 5–10 thousand rubles. for catering and tea and coffee. The seminars allow you to solve two important tasks:

inform customers about services — receive live feedback from customers (they help to determine what clings your customers in your offer and what doesn’t, what needs you do not close with your service).

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