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Ready-made business plans for developing a business plan

As you know, the portal contains the most comprehensive RuNet selection of practical materials on opening hundreds of types of business – over 2000 manuals. And although there is enough information to get an idea about the specifics of a business, its potential and pitfalls, many hope to find a ready-made business plan, based on which you can build and develop a business.

In this regard, we have two news for you. As usual, good and bad.

The good news: we turned the entire Internet and collected for you almost all the business plans that were published in it.

The bad news: this will not help you. Mostly on the Internet, typical business training plans are uploaded. And even if once these business plans were developed for a working business, they are still outdated, operate with numbers that are not appropriate for your specific business (and capabilities), and generally do not take into account the specifics of the local market.

The numbers are outdated, the trends have changed – in the pure remainder – only the structure and ready-made formulations that can be borrowed. By the way, even the structure of a business plan does not have particularly strict requirements – there are several standards of business planning, on the basis of which business plans are developed.

Actually, which conclusion is this? Write a business plan yourself, or if you are opening a major production or you need a business plan to attract investors, contact a specialist.

If you decide to prepare a business plan yourself, we hope you will be helped by the ready-made examples of business plans collected by us and a step-by-step guide to its preparation.

Step-by-step instructions for self-development of a business plan

Below are the main stages of developing a business plan with detailed explanations and tips. We tried to prepare such a guide for business planning, on the basis of which even a novice who had never encountered writing a business plan before could draw up a worthy business plan.

Business planning methodology (various kinds of documents (mainly of a methodological nature) regarding the preparation (development of business plans): requirements, methodological manuals, recommendations.)

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