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1. Right view

There is a special look that makes people reckon with you, recognize you as a strong opponent at the subconscious level.

This view can be useful in any controversial situation, when you want to say that you should be reckoned with and that you make decisions here.

It is necessary to look into the eyes, but not on the surface of the eye, but as if through it, looking into the soul. It turns a piercing look that declares your decisive mood. And people feel it.

2. Energy pause

To achieve what they want, people sometimes use the tactless question method surrounded by other people. In private, you would not hesitate to refuse to answer or answer negatively, but in public you are confused and can agree or answer so as not to seem greedy, secretive, and so on.

In order not to fall for this bait, you can use the energy pause method. You look into the eyes of a person as if you are about to answer. He is preparing to accept your answer, but you are not responding.

You keep looking at him, but don’t say anything. He looks away, bewildered, and then you start talking about something else. After such an incident, he will no longer try to force you to answer in public.

3. Pause and encouragement

Sometimes people try to demand something, relying solely on the intensity of their demand. That is, a person in principle understands that his demand is unfounded, and you understand this.

Nevertheless, he actively and very emotionally demands something, hoping that you will give in, fearing a conflict. If you maintain his tone or begin to object, the conflict will take place.

Instead, pause and encourage the person to continue the conversation in a friendly manner. Feeling support, a person will cease to get excited, will begin to speak more calmly.

But even after that do not stop silence, nod and encourage him to speak further. A person will begin to explain, then – to justify oneself and, finally, to apologize.

4. Eye protection

Of course, not only you and not only consciously apply some tricks. It happens that people unconsciously feel what to do in order to achieve what they want, and behave like that.

If you notice the gaze of the interlocutor, he may apply some kind of psychological impact to you, it does not matter, consciously or not.

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