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The construction segment today is inferior in the level of introduction of new technologies only to the telecommunications sector. Literally every day they talk about “new breakthroughs” and the emergence of new “unique” technologies. Such activity does not always correspond to real needs and the more real market opportunities. Practice shows that good old technologies remain not only in demand, but also provide excellent chances to start your own business with small investments. The realities of small business in 2015 show rather illusory prospects for the construction market, but the question remains, what do the teams of builders do, how to look for an alternative for earning?

The answer can be found in related fields, in optimizing the business itself. As one of the alternatives, (in truth, the option is good for organizing a new business), you can consider the organization of the production of paving slabs by the method of vibrocasting.


How much is paving slab production worth

The depreciation of fixed assets is not just large, but very large, this applies to all aspects, including sidewalks. If we talk about the roadway, those same roads, then the situation is not better, this issue belongs to the sphere of interests of the “big” bosses, as a result, they are somehow repaired. A completely different situation is with the sidewalks, they don’t particularly allocate money for them, the specifics of their repair do not allow much acceleration. From practice, I can say for sure that from one square meter of the road you can “assign” 3-4 times more. Most sidewalk repairs in cities, small towns, and private households are left to small businesses. What does this mean in practice?

When organizing a full cycle from production to laying paving slabs, a business receives significant advantages in the form of:

– flexible pricing policy. The final price of the finished product will not be the price of an intermediary (as for retail sales – 20-50%, the cost of the services of a superintendent – 20-30%). In fact, this means that tiles can be laid at a discount of 50% without losing average profitability. An individual approach to the client. Selection of form, color, it is possible to take into account the individual characteristics of the site. – A full range of services. If we consider that for the mini-workshop itself, raw materials (screenings, cement) will be purchased at wholesale prices from established suppliers, then the de facto client pays and really receives everything at once at the best price.

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