Business Plan: Survival Courses. #Entertainment@mediailife

Starting capital – 100 thousand rubles. Profit per month – 40 thousand rubles. Payback period – 3 months.

Against the backdrop of global cataclysms, recently people are more and more interested in the problems of survival in non-standard, unusual conditions for a modern person. Our country is no exception. To open a new business in Russia, which could teach people how to survive in the wild, without electricity, heating and other human benefits seems to be quite a promising business.

For obvious reasons, not everyone can open such a school of survival. To teach people something, you yourself need to be a professional in a certain field. This business is new in Russia and it is suitable for climbers, firefighters, rescuers or the military. As you know, these people early finish their seniority in the specialty.

Open a business by profession, pass on your knowledge and skills to the younger generation – this is a win-win job. When deciding to open a survival school in Russia as a new business, one must take into account the responsibility that the teacher takes upon himself. Information transmitted to students must be reliable and useful.

What is a survival school

Survival courses can be arranged in a variety of formats. This can be regular classes over a period of time, or individual master classes. The duration of individual lessons does not allow to transmit the course information in full, so they can be distinguished in separate thematic lectures. Classes are usually divided into theoretical and practical.

Without the application of knowledge in artificially created conditions, training will be incomplete. Trainings can be conducted directly in nature, trained in the provision of first aid, ways to use the flora and fauna for their own purposes. The duration of one lesson should not exceed 2-3 hours, and theoretical lessons alternate with practical ones.

In order to open a new business that is interesting and useful for consumers in Russia, the program needs to be built on the following main aspects:

– Survival in unusual conditions– Providing first medical and general assistance to others– Improving the chances of survival for a long time-

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