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We offer our own hit parade of the coolest, most unusual, successful business ideas of the month.

How to find a job to your liking, so you never have to work? We offer three great business ideas.

The young mother decided to open a small hotel for afternoon sleep. A room in the city center can be rented for just an hour, for example, to hide from the rain or just relax. Or swaddle a baby. In order to immediately sweep away the rumors about the institution’s dubious reputation, the author of the project reports: only one adult or a mother and child can enter the room. For a couple of months of existence, the hotel has already gained regular customers.

Another business woman from Moscow is Guzel Sanzhapova. She opened a modern playground in a remote Ural village. Guzel has long been known for its social projects to revive the village. Her grandmother lives there, and her father holds bees.

In 2012, Guzel, with the help of crowdfunding, raised money for the production of cream honey with berries. So in the village there were jobs, and at the same time real All-Russian glory came to him. The girl decided not to stop there and now is engaged in the improvement of the village. A playground has already become a popular meeting place for residents.

And here is another social project that has already blown up the Internet not only in Russia but throughout the world – a ring with an alarm button. The essence of the project is simple – if you feel the danger, click on the ring, and they will quickly come to your aid.

The authors published the idea on the international crowdfunding venue and asked the people for help. To start the production of such rings, they needed to raise 50 thousand dollars. The idea turned out to be so in demand that in a few days, caring citizens listed three times as much.

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