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You can make good money on this on the eve of the New Year, because animal hats are simply an indispensable element of the New Year’s costume. But this does not mean that with the onset of January, business needs to be curtailed – such caps with Read more ยป

May 30

Having tried all the benefits of civilization and technological progress, a person suddenly began to return to handicraft, manual production. Again, handicrafts, home-made preparations without preservatives, home-brewed beer brewed using craft methods were valued. Read more “

May 14

Many thought about creating their own business. However, to realize the dream plans, it turns out not in all. Not many can quit, even if not completely profitable work, and start some new business. If you want to do extra money, you can try to create a business at home. Read more “


Many will immediately ask themselves – Will such paintings be bought? You can answer that if everything is done correctly, then it will be possible to consistently receive additional income from embroidered paintings.


From ancient times in the east they created sand paintings, mainly in bottles. The plus is that outside the east this technology is not particularly widespread and for a person with an entrepreneurial spirit it is worth paying attention to the use of sand for creative purposes, for the development of an excellent business idea.

Technology and execution process. In order for the pictures to come out of high quality, it is advisable to sculpt them from white sand with the addition of food colors. But it is not enough to have source codes, it is important to show creative abilities. First you need to have bottles of different shapes and sizes, cardboard or wood substrates, colorless varnish, thin sticks and glue. Read more “

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