How to start investing in stocks

Total in the category: 48 types, investment sizes: from 5 500 and up to 10 250 000 rubles.

We consider small (up to 50 thousand inhabitants) and medium (50-100 thousand) cities to be the “Small City” in the context of the features of doing business here at the Moneymaker Factory. In Russia, these include 935 settlements (or 85% of the total number of cities).

Key Features:

The relatively low level of salaries (the towns that live around the oil and gas industry are an exception) creates the preconditions for inexpensive labor. The same factor causes a low level of purchasing power (size, quantity, repeatability of purchases less). The structure of demand is made up of the usual goods and services, for narrow-niche goods and services, as a rule, there is no place in a small city (for example, vegetarian is unlikely to go vegetarian restaurant). Low turnovers, limited customer flow, development ceiling (if it is only about meeting local market demand). Low start-up costs (low rent, low advertising costs). Importance of reputation. You must always think about reputation, as in a small town, word of mouth works perfectly, which can both raise and kill a business. The low cost of labor allows you to create a production base to satisfy a district, regional or even all-Russian market.

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