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#business_ideas @ biz_bez_predrassudkovBusiness idea: Bonsai

Initial investments: 3 tr. Monthly profit: 50 tr. Payback period: 3 months.

Bonsai is an art that allows you to grow miniatures of natural trees. They are no less beautiful and natural than their large relatives. Many people want to have such a corner of nature at home. Compositions are often bought as a gift. Growing and selling a bonsai tree can be considered as home business ideas for hardworking and patient people.

Such art is a painstaking and long process, but it allows you to earn tangible money. From the beginning of cultivation to obtaining the first profit, some time will pass. Today, there are technologies that can significantly reduce the time. Let us dwell on them closer.

How to start a business?

Bonsai is not just a houseplant that grows in a pot. Its feature is that it lands on a tray, in a shallow pot, dish or tray. Outwardly, the tree looks like a real one. It has a trunk and bark, flowers and fruits. Around it creates a landscape close to natural. But before you learn how to make money from growing plants at home, you need to study the intricacies of technology.

Specialists distinguish several styles and techniques:

– Curved– Straight– Sloping– “Swept away by the wind” – “Tree on a rock” – “Roots on a rock” – “Cascade” – “Half-cascade” – “Grove” and others.

As the main material, seedlings of coniferous and deciduous trees can be used. They are grown from cuttings, layering or seeds. All these methods will make money. The main thing is that the seed is extracted independently. Material for planting should be stratified for 1-3 months. Of conifers, it is best for a novice to choose black pine seeds. This variety is not demanding on light. Some coniferous seeds are ready for planting only in the second year, for example, mountain pine.

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