The agricultural business is a rather promising area of ​​activity, provided that you are able to competently organize your business. Experts believe that the production of animal feed as a business is the best option for start-up entrepreneurs. Many start-up businessmen prefer the production of animal feed when choosing a direction of activity.

Modern livestock farmers make serious demands on manufacturers of such products. One condition remains unchanged under any circumstances – this is a balanced diet. Manufacturers regularly develop new recipes using various legumes and grains, as well as all kinds of hybrid varieties. When developing a business plan for the production of animal feed, it is necessary to take into account that only high-quality products, which are a combination of components rich in vitamins, minerals and natural protein, are in high demand. . According to experts, such a business is highly profitable. But it requires a large investment. To open such an enterprise, you will need at least 2 million rubles.

Combined feed intended for poultry and animals. They are made from grain and various protein supplements. In addition, the product includes all kinds of vitamins and minerals, as well as specialized additives.

Since most of the time animals and birds are kept in closed ranges, they need balanced food to maintain a normal physical condition. Many farmers open the production of compound feed at home in order to provide their farm with high-quality feed mixtures and receive additional income from the sale of their surplus. A good owner understands perfectly well that you can’t save on high-quality feed, so such an enterprise can become a real gold mine for you.

Manufacturers produce a huge assortment of animal feed for different species. In addition, they offer products for young and adult individuals, pregnant and lactating females of different product lines.

According to the nutritional value, feeds are divided into: * Concentrated, which contain a large number of different nutrients-

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