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The future of domestic information business in Runet.

So, here we come close to the most important. In order to look into the future and understand what qualities an information product of the coming years should possess. And a very effective tool called the dialectic method will help us with this.

Dialectics is a theory that says how the development of all things happens. There are three fundamental laws of dialectics, which include: “The law of unity and struggle of opposites”, “The law of the transition of quantity into quality” and, finally, the law called “Denial of negation”. I hope that the essence of the first two laws is well known / remembered by everyone (if not, Yandex will help you), but now I would like to dwell in more detail on the third law – NEGATIVE DENIAL.

If very briefly, then its essence boils down to the fact that the development of EVERYTHING in this world is carried out in a spiral, and not in a straight line. That is, the same thing is repeated from time to time, but at completely different levels. In the case of development, we will deal with an upward spiral, where each subsequent round will turn out to be a “return” to a particular idea / model / form, but at a much higher level – to a more perfect one than it was presented at the past spiral coil.

It is this law that tells us that the new format of the information product should include all the best of what is available in the current formats, and at the same time, eliminate all the disadvantages inherent in them. Easier, it would seem, just nowhere! As the same dialectic teaches: “thesis – antithesis – synthesis”. First, one extreme, then another, and finally, as a rethinking and “reconciliation” of both extremes – the “golden mean” is born.

The main advantages of the textbook (or TRAINING COURSE) include a clear systematic presentation of knowledge and experience, as well as a clear, consistent algorithm for achieving a specific result. The disadvantages of this format are the student’s self-availability and, as a result, the lack of motivation to implement the algorithm described in the textbook in practice.

The plus of TRAINING, in contrast to the textbook (training course), on the contrary, is the student’s powerful motivation, while the minus is the lack or complete lack of system knowledge of the subject and the algorithm for achieving the goal.

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