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If you think what kind of business you can do, then you should pay attention to trampolines for children and adults. It is enough to buy an inflatable trampoline for business in order to repay investments in the first month. But first things first.

Types of trampolines Before implementing a business plan for a trampoline business, it’s worth deciding what kind of “jumpers” you decide to purchase. The following types of trampolines are distinguished: Inflatable for children in the form of slides Universal street In the form of game rooms. Also distinguish classic trampolines and banjo.

Street inflatable trampolines for business. Such “jumpers” are the most widespread and popular. They are installed in parks or on beaches and have many advantages: Simple implementation of the idea. Simply buy a trampoline, rent a place, expand it and pump it up, and then start selling entrance tickets. The minimum advertising costs. Such a business does not need promotion. Your customers will be passers-by who are interested in this attraction. Small investments.

But there are also disadvantages: An abundance of competitors. Difficulty in finding a free place. Difficulties in collecting the attraction itself. Control over visitors.

Seasonality of business. Large trampolines for business have their own nuances: Large trampolines have a large windage. You will need a spacious enough area to secure the structure. You need a flat surface, preferably concrete or asphalt. In the immediate vicinity of the trampoline there must be a source of electricity for the compressor to work. You can buy a gasoline generator, but it works quite noisily. At night, you will need to protect the trampoline, or you will have to turn off the structure every day and take it away.

So, what is necessary for such a business? Buy a street inflatable trampoline; Buy a compressor; Rent a platform; Find a worker (you can sell tickets yourself); Rent or buy a car to deliver an attraction.

Exit trampolines The essence of such a business is that you do not purchase a stationary trampoline, but a mobile trampoline to transport it from place to place. You can rent a trampoline or offer entrance tickets for this attraction in kindergartens, schools, etc.

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