How to create a business from scratch without

One of the stereotypes firmly rooted in the public mind is the idea that in modern Russia it is impossible to create a profitable high-tech business. Domestic pharmaceuticals, which announces itself louder every year, is a great example of the fact that this established opinion is erroneous. “” talked with people who built successful companies, found out where the myths about the impossibility of this or that action come from, and found out what qualities a person should have who decided to take a chance and create something that he hadn’t had before .

In Russia, as you know, the mining and manufacturing industries, mechanical engineering, the nuclear industry, and space technology are developing well. A low-tech business – trade, construction, distribution – in general, everything that involves working with products already manufactured by someone else – is also growing more or less stably, on a variety of scales, from small private companies to large enterprises.

But it is almost impossible to create high-tech production in the country on our own, and in the sectors associated with innovative projects, we cannot compete with the world, many are sure. The only exception is IT – a number of Russian companies are very successful and known in the world.

Experts, however, argue that IT is far from the only example of the fact that the representation described above is actually false. Modern pharmaceuticals is an industry that has arisen and grown before our very eyes in recent years, and especially its cutting edge, biotechnology – one of the brightest proofs of this.

However, the interviewee “” from pharmaceutical circles makes a reservation, there were some objective prerequisites for a definite impression of Russian business to be formed. In Soviet times, there was no private initiative — state-owned enterprises worked, and it was impossible to create anything on their own. When the Union collapsed, the “period of temporary workers” began – few risked investing in business. It was impossible to predict what will happen tomorrow, who will own the infrastructure or who wants to capture it. Extremely unstable conditions did not contribute to the development of that very private initiative.

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