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This business idea is different in that it does not require too much starting capital. This is even more of an idea for a home business – you can implement it at home with your own hands and quite easily.

How to arrange the production of plates with the house number and street name at home?

This business idea is popular and in demand – few companies in our country carry out such orders, and if they do, they ask for too high a price.

Some houses simply do not have a license plate or even a street name – after all, the ordering, installation (installation) of a house sign should, in fact, be handled by public utilities. However, we all know how faithfully work of this kind is being carried out. But it often happens that a taxi service or even an ambulance service does not find the right house or street on time precisely because of the lack of a license plate on the house.

Business profitability

From one plate with the house number and street name, the master can make a profit of two hundred to five hundred rubles. Of course, over time, any license plate requires repair or restoration – your services will also be useful here.

Workshop room

In order to organize your own workshop, a separate room or garage will be enough. The only condition is that the room must be clean, otherwise dust and dirt will settle on the finished product, and spoil its appearance. You also need to arrange good lighting.

What tools and equipment will be needed to organize home production of address plates?

You need to prepare such a set of tools for work:

Stationery knivesScissors Nadzhak Clamps – four hundred to five hundred rubles; Squeegee (felt and plastic) – the cost of three hundred and four hundred rubles. Metal rulers – milling machine for mounting a finished house plate or house sign. A used machine costs about three to five thousand rubles. Install a program on the computer similar to CorelDraw X3 is one of the types of graphic editors of vector graphics. Also, later you will need a plotter – this machine will be needed in order to cut letters on a special film. However, to start it is not necessary to buy it. The price of such an apparatus varies from eighty to one hundred thousand rubles. At first, you can order such cutting in any agency for the production of outdoor advertising.

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