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What to do to the initiative, enterprising person who has lost his job?

Of course, open your own business!

It is no secret that thanks to the crisis in Russia, the problem of unemployment has arisen. The number of people left without a source of livelihood has increased significantly. And although now the latest data indicate that there is a tendency to stabilize the unemployment rate, but this level itself remains quite high.

But what if you lose your job? I definitely don’t need to shoot. You can try to do something new, your own business, for example. And to make it easier to start, you can get a subsidy from the labor exchange to open a business.

Although perhaps this is not the best idea, yesterday’s employee, who was reduced to go and open his own business, but the attempt is not torture. Moreover, the state allocates money. Why not give it a try? Yes, only 1% of entrepreneurs achieve impressive success and no more than 10% do just a profitable business. So what? Or maybe you are the same 1%? In any case, if you fail to open your own business, you can always return to hired work. Moreover, the prospects of the labor market are such that soon workers in all sectors will be very needed. Although we live in such a country and at such a time, making any forecasts is a thankless task. But, in any case, the authorities assure us of this.

Open a business without seed capital

Most of us believe that without an impressive start-up capital, nothing can be done. However, examples are known when people spent huge funds of investors and received a deafening failure as a result. And, at the same time, there are a number of examples when an entrepreneur has grown a huge organization from practically nothing. So you need to throw all the stereotypes out of your head and begin to act.

Even if you don’t have any money at all, you can turn to the government for support. There are many government self-employment programs that have been in place for quite some time. So, in the framework of the program “Helping Start-Up Entrepreneurs” to receive one-time financial assistance from an employment center, the state supports unemployed start-up entrepreneurs by allocating funds to open their own business.

The amount transferred to the hands of a novice entrepreneur by the state is essentially nothing more than unemployment benefits for the year, with the only difference being that you receive this money not monthly but all at once. You do not even have to return or pay this amount back – during the year you only report for it, as in the advance account. It is beneficial for the state. After all, if you open and unwind, then later you will pay a lot more taxes and, possibly, will produce something useful for the whole society.

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