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Let’s start from the very beginning. How much Akhmetov actually supported the coup of 2014, we do not know. But he, like other oligarchs, was profitable for the following reasons: – the removal from power of Yanukovych, who is rowing everything for himself, and his clique – the complete enslavement of the people due to the decline in living standards.

Judge for yourself – all the spears broke around the inconsistency of most Ukrainian enterprises with European standards and, accordingly, their subsequent extinction. And these guys had it all a long time ago – it was ISO long ago, and they were left on the market alone. Divide and rule. And the rest are invited to row more and throw further. And all this – for a bowl of soup. All conditions are now dictated from above. And bargaining is not appropriate here. But another thing is obvious. That when the coup did take place, Akhmetov clearly considered what happened to be the best chance to bargain for himself the Donbass. Why and soared here, like little devils from a snuff-box, a mass of rather dubious personalities. Ending with the simplest – what do you think, the initial mess and spin – who benefited? Yes to the same Karabas Barabas …. Fortunately, he always had enough contingent to carry out such actions. At the same time, fiery speeches about # Donbasseurts were made to the public …. Well, then, take it, understandable … ..

Move on. An open war begins, which also plays into the hands of Akhmetov. The idea of ​​discrediting the anti-Ukrainian movement, first through lawlessness, immediately logically continues with the war. – Indeed, this was not the case under Ukraine! All back to Edina against the vile separators carrying war! I perfectly remember the “demonstration” of the employees of the office of the Akhmetov’s bank – FUIB, expelled to the University. Who stood like women with a low level of social responsibility along the road with clumsy posters.

Following. To avoid srach, we won’t specify who Strelkov worked for, but the fact that most of his actions were to Ukraine’s benefit is a fact. Against this background, Akhmetov, even if he didn’t even take part in all this mess, can only watch and rub arms. After all, everything is going according to plan! Especially after Strelkov’s retreat to Donetsk and the publication of his subsequent plans for the surrender of the City. – It’s just wonderful! Actual war may leave the region. Yes, the confusion will continue, armed groups will run, there will be small post-shootings and instability. But this is the best time to get preferences as a result of bargaining! After all, there is nothing difficult in quietly leading all these groups. And, in the most extreme case, gradually reduce each other in a war for self-destruction. – The option is perfect. Here you need one significant clarification. I believe that it was Akhmetov who did not need a full-fledged war in his fiefdom from the word “completely.” For, money, as you well know, love silence. Therefore, the created alignment for the above reasons suited him as well as possible.

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