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In this section of the site you will find small business ideas. Small business does not require large initial investments. Almost every entrepreneur begins his journey to big money with a small business.

The purpose of the business idea is to organize additional earnings or a full-fledged small home business (at your discretion). Cucumbers should be grown using environmentally friendly methods. When organizing a small home cucumber business, it will be enough to have your own garden.

Services for the repair of balconies in our country can be divided into a separate area for business, since the balcony performs many functions and the heat saving in the entire apartment depends on the balcony.

The development of technology provides new opportunities for the implementation of business projects, the production of molds is the direction of small business with a very low cost of production and a rather attractive final price.

The confectionery business is a very profitable business with a huge market. The scale of this business can be very different, from small to large production, respectively, and investments are different …

A seed-based business initially brings minimal profit, but relatively small investments are required. If you approach the issue on the other hand, if the turnover is large, then the profit will increase noticeably.

Furniture hauling as a business can work in several directions, this is furniture hauling according to the client’s order, as well as buying up used furniture and its subsequent restoration and modernization for the purpose of selling.

Shoe repair services are an idea of ​​a small business, which requires no longer financial investments, but investments in one’s skill and ability, so for a start you should learn and work for hire in existing workshops.

The culinary business directly relates to catering and therefore, to start you need to get all the necessary permissions. The scale of this business can be very diverse, both small and medium.

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