For people who want to open their own business, very favorable times have come. Firstly, there are already a huge number of examples when a successful business was created with almost no start-up costs. And today, these entrepreneurs are willing to share their practical experience. Secondly, with the development of the Internet, a lot of useful free information on business has appeared. Thirdly, there were good (but already paid, of course) training projects where, in the format of a training or coach session, a beginner is helped to reach the result. Therefore, there would be a desire … Let’s see what are the business options that do not require large investments. For the starting “ceiling” we take the amount of 50 thousand rubles, because this amount with great desire to find even a person with a low income level.

Idea for business number 1. The provision of services. The business in the service sector is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind for a person who has decided not to work “for uncle” anymore. The choice is wide – services for organizing and holding holidays, services for tailoring, manicure, makeup, repair of a wide variety of equipment, writing term papers and dissertations, dog walking … Of course, this is a business area where competition is high. Partly just because it does not require large investments. Another reason is that the provision of services requires knowledge and skills that are easy to master. However, MirSovet readers should understand that if you are personally involved in the provision of services, it is more self-employment (self-employment) than business. In this case, the income is limited by your individual capabilities: what is the maximum number of orders you can complete per day if you do it alone? But if you assemble a team of several people who will provide services, and take on the management of this team, the organization of search and attracting customers, then it is already a business. This note will also apply to other business options discussed in this article. Pros of a business in the provision of services: demand (there will always be people who need your profile services, the main thing is to be able to make them your customers) –

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