The best domestic companies

Even in competitive markets you can make money. Three university graduates from Kirov began to build houses three years ago, in 2016, profits exceeded 22 million rubles. Today, they have relied on home sets of their own products “Before meeting the first customers, we didn’t shave with the guys: we tried to look older, we were pretty good”, it was very good. Three graduates of a university in Kyiv started building houses in 2013, and even after three years, their company’s turnover grew to 75 million rubles.

Future partners Mikhail Ponomarev, Dmitry Zykov and Philip Worms studied in one group of the Kirov Vyatka State University. Having received diplomas of building engineers, Mikhail and Philip settled down to the local company KCHUs with construction and installation specialists, and Dmitry tried to establish his own business in the same field. But things were not going especially well: hired work brought 15 thousand. rub. a month, but the company didn’t take it a bit: having assembled a team, Zykov built a couple of house orders to order. Having decided that they shouldn’t rub anything, the young people quit, scrapped 50 thousand. rub. on three and opened a joint business – the construction of cottages.

In Russia, thousands of companies will build cottages and summer cottages on order. Instead of the standard wooden or brick houses, friends decided to build frame – and, better, guessed with a niche.

Building fashion

Frame house – this is a quick construction of wood, metal or sandwich panels. According to the project manager “TekhnoNikol House” Andrei Bannov, in the United States and Canada, more than 70% of all cottages come from luxury homes, and only 90% of them come from the Scandinavian countries.

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