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Today, tens of thousands of people are searching on the Internet for business ideas without investments. But if you do not dissemble, then it is impossible to start a business without investments. But we tried to select ten interesting business ideas that require little money available to most of our fellow citizens (even students and alcoholics). Over the border was taken … a thousand rubles! True, the labor costs of many of these undertakings will require considerable ones. Well, the presence of some means of production.

No. 1. Atelier at home or bow ties made to order

If you have a sewing machine, hands grow from a place closer to the head than to the legs, and embroider not only with a cross, then this idea will suit you. And even a thousand rubles for the purchase of materials (fabrics and threads) can be met. After all, do you have a machine? Well, we’ll get along with advertising in a fashionable way today – creating a group, public pages on VKontakte social networks, Facebook (less competition), as well as on themed websites dedicated to fashion. You can do not just fitting clothes or sewing curtains, but also quite fashionable now sewing butterflies, ties and scarves. And you can have your 10-30 thousand rubles of net income per month. Not bad for a student.

Labor costs – about 4-8 hours a day, depending on the number of orders and the success of promotion. Advantages – Stability of earnings, quick start. Disadvantages – High density of competition.

No. 2. Field Computer Administrator

Know how to reinstall Windows? Do you know how to install an antivirus in ten minutes and what is safe mode? Imagine how to connect a mouse to a computer? No, you are not an administrator yet, but you can become one. It is advisable to have a laptop at hand. As well as the strength to place dozens of ads on sites ranging from aggregators such as Avito and ending with social networks. Yes, you will find customers quickly. The cost of one trip, depending on labor costs, is 1 – 5 thousand rubles (possibly more). The flow of customers has gone – do not refuse anyone, connect friends who are also versed in this topic. Monthly income can be 30-60 thousand rubles.

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