How to build a business from scratch and

Status: $ 250 million

Age: 33

Field: show business

Location: New York, USA

Marital status: married, daughter

In 2014, Beyonce Knowles completed the successful Mrs. Carter Show World Tour and surprised everyone with the Beyonce album. But instead of resting, less than a year later, the singer, together with her husband, musician and producer Sean Jay-Z Carter, went on a new tour on The Run. 19 concerts in different states brought the stellar pair about $ 100 million. Beyoncé’s total revenue for the past year was about $ 500 million.

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo

Status: $ 380 million

Age 40

Field: IT

Location: Palo Alto, California, USA

Marital status: married, son

Although Meyer’s most personal fortune is the result of 13 years of her career at Google, she became one of the highest paid top managers in the United States precisely as the CEO of Yahoo, when her annual salary increased by 69% over the year to $ 42 million. All three years of work At the head of the Internet giant, she was actively involved in changing content and pursuing an aggressive market policy, buying up about forty startups. But Yahoo’s results are still not impressive, and Mayer is finding it increasingly difficult to resist pressure from investors demanding lower costs. In January 2015, Yahoo CEO announced plans to get rid of Asian assets, including shares in Chinese Alibaba. This is supposed to allow Yahoo to focus on its core business.

Adi Tatarko, co-founder of Houzz

Status: $ 300 million

Age: 42

Field: interior design

Marital status: married, three children

Financial consultant Adi Tatarko founded the online design project Houzz with her husband Alon Cohen. The idea of ​​a business came about when a family made repairs in their house in Palo Alto. The couple began by creating a small forum where they could share ideas and find designer contacts. Now the chat has turned into a site with 30 million monthly users, a third of which belongs to the Tatarko-Cohen family. More than 700,000 professional designers collaborate with the company. The Houzz office is located in Silicon Valley, with about 500 employees. Investors, including Sequoia Capital and New Enterprise Associates, have invested more than $ 213 million in the startup. Since then, the market value of the company, according to experts, has grown to $ 2 billion. Eight more representative offices of the company have been opened in different countries of the world, including Of Russia.

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