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Juliana Chichirova (30 years old) was so carried away by healthy eating and natural products that she was able to create a business with a turnover of 12 million rubles a year with enthusiasm, without experience and large investments. Her company “EcoHarmony” sells 3, 5 thousand types of ecological goods – this is almost everything that we use every day.

For breakfast, the owner of the EcoHarmony company eats a spelled with ghee oil. This is a wild variety of wheat seasoned with repeatedly melted butter. During the day, she uses a moisturizer with medicinal ulcer extract, and in the evening she washes the house with cleaning products with probiotics. Juliana, of those people who sort garbage, sends batteries and light bulbs for recycling, and old clothes for recycling. In general, a fan of proper nutrition and environmental friendliness in everything.

Two businessmen set up production of natural oils in St. Petersburg

Two businessmen set up production of natural oils in St. Petersburg

The girl was carried away by all this in 2009. And in 2012, she left the Wasabi restaurant group, where she worked for almost 10 years to start her own business. Juliana decided to promote the idea of ​​eco-products to the masses, supplying all the necessary fans of natural nutrition.

Eat, paint, clean

The EcoHarmony natural food store opened in March 2013. Investments amounted to 1.5 million rubles (own funds). We managed to do a lot with this money: rent a room in a residential area of ​​the city, create a website, it’s an online store, buy advertising for its promotion and the necessary minimum of goods.

After 2 years of operation, that is, in 2014, the company’s annual turnover amounted to 12 million rubles. Initially, the store sold only products and cosmetics, but now it has become a real supermarket, in the terminology of Juliana – a biomarket. This means that the hostess, going to the store, can buy not only food, but also everything necessary for family and home.

EcoHarmony sells 3, 5 thousand goods. The main income, up to 50%, is brought by food products, 20% of the income comes from cosmetics and household appliances. The rest is goods for pets, for health, gifts, etc.

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