How to get 60 thousand rubles

By definition, a small business is an owned business that is not dominant in its niche. In order to develop an idea for a small business, imagination, a plan, as well as properly executed documentation are required. An important component is a business plan that will help your business attract investors, provide financing and attract attention when your company consolidates its position in the local market. A business plan presents your idea in writing and explains all the working points that you will need to implement. Create a business plan for small businesses: describe your company, management structure and explain why it should succeed in the market.

Steps: Write a review of the business plan. This will serve as an introduction and a brief summary of your project. For a small business, the review should not be more than 1 page. Explain the concept of your business. Explain what your company will provide (product or service) and which market you are targeting. Describe what you are selling and to whom. Describe the financial conditions and requirements. Indicate how much money is needed to start a business, and how this capital will be distributed. If you want, provide security or equity to start a business, indicate the sources of these investments. Describe the current state of the business. This includes information about the time and circumstances under which the business was founded, who is the owner and leader. Provide data on the most outstanding achievements of your company. Mention current contracts, customers or customers that you managed to lure, or other positive things that will lead your business to success. Conduct a market analysis. In this section, you must demonstrate knowledge of the industry of which your small business will become a part. Identify the problem points and development paths in this industry and indicate how your business will deal with them or use them to your advantage. Describe your company and its production structure. Explain how your company is structured and why it will be successful. Indicate whether your business will be conducted via the Internet, or whether you will serve clients live (in an office / store, etc.). Describe how many office premises and warehouses are required and other objects. Describe the structure and management scheme of your business. If you have an organizational chart, include it in your business plan. You can also provide information about business owners and management members. This section of the business plan focuses more on people and staff than on the organizational structure itself. Tell us about the qualifications of your team. If business executives and business owners have industry experience or some merit, then …

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