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Hello dear readers! Recently, I began to receive questions in which many readers show that they are afraid to start their own small, but business. Questions like: “What if …”. So, I collected in the article the main fears of beginning entrepreneurs to start their own business and called them myths, and after that I wrote rebuttals. But for completeness, you can read an article about small business ideas in Russia that will always work! So, let’s begin!

Small businesses have a great opportunity to get a free office from business incubators, for example. Well, naturally for the first time, but it’s already good, besides, soft loans can please businessmen, and if you think about a franchise, then there is the possibility of not a regular, but a large loan for franchising.

Also, having a small business, you can reduce costs by working for large companies that are firmly afloat, which will provide you with almost everything, and require only the performance of work.

The third myth is officials and competitors who will not allow opening a business

No one can interfere with you either in the registration of an enterprise, or at the stage of renting a room, or, naturally, at the time of work and cooperation with clients. If you don’t cross the road, no one will touch you.

The fourth myth is that taxes will crush you

No, Russia is so loyal to small and large businesses that it has some of the lowest taxes worldwide. Moreover, our country has some differences in comparison with European countries. For example, in Germany there is very high competition among small businesses, and in Poland financial problems are rather big, while Russia has huge capital and customers to expand its business. In simpler terms, when starting a business in Germany, profit can be expected only after a year, but in Russia it all starts after several months, or even days.

Need to work more than usual

Here things are such that there is no framework. A businessman simply decides for himself how much time to spend on work and how much on vacation, so do not panic about this. Moreover, your business is also based on interest, and you can do as much as interesting business. For example, I can give my projects at least 100% of the time, because it is my interest and an integral part of life.

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