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If you still think that home business is only for moms on maternity leave and housewives, you are mistaken. Almost everyone has the opportunity to open their own business at home, and it is not only incredibly convenient to engage in such a business, but also profitable, because you do not need a special office, a lot of staff and daily trips to work!


If opening a veterinary clinic at home is very problematic, then with a small “beauty salon” for animals, everything is much simpler. It is enough to pass at least special grooming courses and open an IP. Professional grooming equipment will require you to pay in the amount of 100-130 tons Plus it would be nice to spend at least a little on advertising (3-4 tons). Even with a minimum client base per month, you can earn from 40 tons.

Hotel for animals

Animal lovers can open a case related to the care of pets that are temporarily left without owners (for example, they went on vacation). It is best to open such a mini-hotel in a private house so that pets have where to frolic. Business on animals for 20 seats requires costs of about 150-200 thousand rubles, but it will pay off quickly, bringing more than 50 thousand rubles a month.

Cakes to order, pastries

A “sweet” home business is ideal for women. Author’s cakes are often ordered for weddings and other holidays, and their price starts from 500-600 rubles per kilogram. Fashionable “trick” – cakes from sneakers, kinder surprises and other popular sweets. There is always a demand for exclusive sweets, cookies, cheesecakes, etc. Since this is custom-made work, such a business does not require investments (except in advertising), but a month can bring you from 15-25 tons.

Custom bouquets to order

Another interesting business option for women that you can do at home is designer bouquets, both from “live” flowers, and from fabric, beads and other jewelry. For the original wedding bouquet, many brides are willing to pay 3-5 thousand rubles, while the cost of it rarely reaches 50% of the cost. The monthly income of a home business on designer bouquets is approximately 16-30 thousand rubles, for a novice master.

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