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In anticipation of forecasts for 2017, I was asked how to celebrate the new year, how to spend it, how to look in the new year and much more.

But in order not to grind about this topic and focus on really important aspects of the coming year of the rooster, I will say that it does not matter how to meet him, but with whom. It does not matter how to conduct it, but how to live it.

And of course, it’s important not to look like roosters in the very year of the rooster … especially in our country!

Well, now about the most important thing.

This year is represented by the Yin Fire on the Rooster. Fire Yin is the fire of a candle, and a rooster is an element of metal, a dagger or a penknife.

In view of what we get such a name – a fiery rooster or a shiny dagger.

Although each person has his own astrological chart, but it will inevitably be additionally affected by changes in the astrological chart of the country’s leader on a global scale.

In connection with the increasing growth in the use of firearms this year, in addition to everyday clarifications of relations between ordinary people and between the “cool” people of the world using these arguments, the growth of attempts on the state will increase. figures that will not pass and Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Given the qi map for January, we can say that this threat is close, in the capital, around bank capital built or under construction at burials.

And February and March are still dangerous for our president in any public speaking at the opening of memorials in memory of those who died in various situations, which should be avoided in any case and transferred to this part of his state. activities on their assistants.

The script will be invented in the northeast of our country and this role will be played by a young girl.

A completely random meeting in the wake of a stunning eloquence and prospects in land relations could lead to tragedy.

It’s better not to do anything and not get involved anywhere.

A scenario of a sexual scandal involving our leader against the backdrop of the royal apartments may also be conceived.

And in the month of March, we must be prepared for changes in the structure of government, which, as I said above, will affect our destinies.

It would also be better for the country not to get involved in disputes between America and China and solve the problems of America and Israel, instead of themselves, which they really crave, under the guise of a warming relationship.

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