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EARNINGS FOR CARS The simplest business idea with minimal investment, or even no investment at all.

STARTING INVESTMENTS: 0 – 5 000 rubles. INCOME: from 5 000 to 150 000 rubles / month.

ESSENCE OF IDEA: Its essence is to sell absolutely any product on the Avito.ru bulletin board. It is good in that it will suit even a novice, and investments may not be required at all. To work, you need to purchase goods that you will sell on Avito. But you can start by earning start-up capital by selling a few of your unnecessary things. Thus, you will already have money to buy the necessary goods.

ACTUALITY: The advantages of selling on Avito is that people visit this site in order to buy the product they are interested in, and not just read the information. Those. there is concentrated the maximum number of people interested in buying!

The scheme is simple: you place an ad with product-1. Waiting for calls from potential buyers-2. Make an appointment with callers-3. You sell goods at a meeting and receive money.

ORGANIZEM BUSINESS PROCESS 1. Register on Avito2. We sell our personal belongings This is the easiest way to earn money, because everyone can earn like that. 1. Find unnecessary goods at home-2. Place an advertisement for their sale on Avito-3. Sell. What is this earnings? Right! This is not earnings, but only a way to get the first money to proceed to the next step. 3. In order to make decent money on Avito, you need to purchase goods (including in China) for further resale. And even more so, you have money from the first sales of personal items! All you need is to purchase goods that can be profitably sold on Avito!

On Avito, it sells well: – household appliances and electronics– gadgets in the form of telephones, smartphones, tablets– laptops and computers– small electronics– kitchen utensils– clothes– goods for children (clothes, shoes, strollers, cribs, toys, etc.) – accessories (watches, wallets, bags, jewelry, etc.) – building materials and tools– equipment (commercial, construction, industrial) – furniture and interior items– animals- – Goods for pets.

As a result, the scheme is as follows: 1. View the average cost of a product on Avito-2. Find this product below the average cost of-3. Buy it a little more bargaining-

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