Vending business in the north

A prerequisite for the creation of this thematic network was the understanding that doing business in the northern regions has its own specifics and is sometimes a difficult task. The main difficulties are insufficient infrastructure development, additional problems with logistics, underdeveloped local markets and limited access to venture capital. While other thematic networks are trying to figure out how public policies can improve the business environment in the North, this network recognizes that these conditions are likely to never be optimal, and is looking for business models that at least partially offset some of the problems. The network focuses specifically on small (≤10 employees) and medium (≤100) businesses and is trying to figure out how managers and entrepreneurs can improve their work in the North.


Develop principles for managing SMEs in the North. Participating in the development of a new training course and preparing materials for managing SMEs in the North. Strengthening the role of SMEs in the region with the help of developments and new ideas about managing enterprises in the North.

Primary activity

Conducting case studies, including comparative case studies, Organizing case study courses for teaching staff, developing a curriculum and educational material based on existing economic models for SMEs in the North, organizing internships between educational institutions and enterprises in different countries, improving communication and cooperation between theorists and specialists in management issues from different Nordic countries (for example, through the dissemination of ongoing research and publications, minars and teacher exchange) Dissemination of results on regional SMEs through local seminars and meetings

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