Business without investment is possible

Most people are sure: if there is not 1-2 million in stock, you should not dream about creating your own business. In practice – often enough amount ten times less, and some ideas were implemented from scratch – this is evidenced by the above examples.

The lack of accumulation is a deterrent for many who would like to do business. At the same time, how many funds will be needed and for what – few are willing to explain on specific figures. Meanwhile, many business ideas from scratch, not related to production, were successfully implemented without major initial investments. Money is a significant factor, but not a guarantee of success, and many understand this.

We saw about the same answer on one of the American sites of a similar subject: If you have a lot of money, you can hire qualified specialists. If you have unique skills, you can work with someone who has a lot of money. When there is neither one nor the other, look for a hobby, study it and learn from those who are experts in it.

What to rely on when there is no financial basis? Time, health, professional skills are no less valuable resources. The following is an overview of the areas in which the most successful business is implemented without investments from scratch, and examples of successful entrepreneurs.

What types of business can you start without funds

With a lack of funds, it is more logical to pay attention to the types of businesses that require more time and effort than financial injections.

Social projects, partially or fully funded by the state, in the framework of supporting small business.

Benefits. You can save on renting a special room, work on the phone, the Internet, meet at home, partially combine with paid work for hire. No big investments – there is no risk of significant losses in case of failure.

Difficulties. Independent search for customers, customers, the need to work at dumping prices at the initial stage, a relatively slow growth in fame and reputation. The business of services suffers first in a crisis, but many areas will always be in demand: people will not stop eating, drinking, dressing, and getting a haircut in any circumstances.

Prejudices. This is already offered by many, they started earlier, I can not compete with them. But far from always needing an “amazing idea” that no one has proposed before. More often there is enough confidence that you know how to do a job better than others – regardless of the fact that someone already offers such things.

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