How to create your own business from scratch

How lucky for me! I don’t go to the “grandees”, which make up the top of it is not clear how the compiled LJ rating! And I don’t even suspect who and how of them defends liberal views, a market economy and other rights of pederasts.

Thanks to Alexander Roslyakov, who takes the blow on himself and thereby allows you to keep your hand on the liberoid pulse of TOP LJ.


Are they businessmen or parasites? PLEASE ALL THE SAME “OR” FASTER The famous singer of Russian capitalism, Fritz Morgen, aka Oleg Makarenko, in his next article proved almost twice as high as the moral foundation of our business caste.

About how Jules Verne once proved on his fingers the possibility of flying to the moon using a cannon shell …

Say what kind of parasites? These are real draft horses of the Russian economy and technological progress! Rather, the people sitting on their neck are a parasite.

This very visual text itself is a kind of apology for the socioeconomic system that has triumphed in our country, in which the gap between the rich and the poor has become the highest in the world.

On the one hand, the worker grinds a part from the workpiece, the results of his labor can be felt with his hands. On the other hand, a businessman is sitting in a striped armchair and stroking a fat belly … I would like to ask a few clarifying questions about this.

1. Vasily and Peter workers. Peter does three times as many parts as Vasily, because he works better. After 15 years, Peter buys a machine from the deferred money, Vasily invites you to work on this machine. On the one hand, Peter is a parasite. He now exploits Basil. But on the other hand, Peter for 15 years has done more details than Vasily will do in his entire life.

2. Vladislav – a businessman, earned several hundred million dollars in factories and plants, spent them on the construction of a modern medical center in his city. Can it be considered a parasite?

3. Egor makes money from morning to evening, no longer thinks about anything. 20 years ago he had one small workshop, now there are three huge factories. He invests everything he earned in business: expanding production, creating new jobs. Should Yegor be considered a parasite only on the grounds that he is not an official?

4. Nikolai and Alexander are businessmen. Nikolai pays workers an average salary and expands production. Alexander pays workers one and a half times higher than the market, and his company works “to zero”, he is not up to investments. After 20 years, the firm “parasite” of Nicholas expands significantly, creating new jobs. Alexander’s company remains small. Which one is the bigger parasite?

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