How to start a business in
If you are considering leaving everything and starting your own business, then do not rush to leave everything. You can start your own business, and while you have work. And we will tell you how to combine the useful with the useful and not end up with anything.

Sooner or later, many come to the conclusion that they no longer have the strength to endure their boss, colleagues, and terrible working conditions. Then, as a rule, the idea of ​​your own business is born. If you are just one of those who can no longer endure everything that happens and wants to become his own boss, we are all for it. But you simply must know: in order to start a business, you do not have to quit. Well, that is, as optional … Of course, when you become a Russian Warren Buffet and head the first lines of the ratings of the most successful people, you will no longer be able to hide your business from the boss. But the preparatory stages can be fully combined with the existing work. So the chances of being left without work, and without business, and, accordingly, without money, will be much less.

What bad can a recruiter suddenly find in your resume? In the office

Everything agreed

First of all, go to the trash basket and try to find your employment contract there. There is a possibility that these 5-10 sheets of dull information, which seemed to you completely useless, were thrown there. If you can’t find the target in the bucket, look in the farthest drawer of the table. And as you begin – start reading. Perhaps your employer has already lost two or three personnel who left to build their business empires, and in the end understood how to deal with this. For example, he could include in the contract a clause prohibiting you from using an office laptop (and even a telephone) in your own interests.

Advance excuses

Even if the contract is not opposed, the boss may have some objections. Who would like that his employee decided to become a cool entrepreneur? Well, someone might like it, but not everyone. Of course, ideally, the boss should not know anything about your plans to conquer the world. But we advise you to think in advance what you will tell him if the situation goes beyond the ideal. Hint: running away might not help.

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