Interesting business ideas or

5 common prejudices about why you need to work for an uncle and not think about entrepreneurship.

• No unique business ideas

Completely unique ideas have long ceased to exist, and there can hardly be any (with very rare exceptions). But you are not Zuckerberg, and not even the guy whose start-up bought Google for several million. The advantage in the market is achieved not by finding a free niche, but by gaining available ones due to active promotion to the market, quality of customer service, expansion of the product line, and lack of its staff office plankton. It seems that Kotler had this phrase: “The person who buys a punch from you does not actually buy a punch, but a hole in the wall in the right place for him and at a time convenient for him”

• No start-up capital

So what? You need to start from scratch. In any business, you need a head on your shoulders, the ability and desire to work 30 hours a day, and only last but not least money. In any case, the main capital is invaluable experience, which remains even if the business does not go. This one did not go – the next one will go. There are hundreds of different activities in which a serious start-up capital is simply not needed. For example, the sale of services.

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