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Despite all the difficulties, Nord Stream-2 will be built, and not a single participant has left the project: such a statement was made by Vladimir Putin in Chelyabinsk. The president flew there to open a new production line at the Eterno enterprise; it manufactures fittings for pipelines using nanotechnology.

The Chelyabinsk plant, which completely turned over ideas about metallurgy several years ago, today changed them again. An enterprise where everything shines with cleanliness has launched a new production. It sounds like a paradox, but these are pipes with nanotechnology. Not a single oil or gas pipeline can do without these parts, as I may say, because the pipes stretch for thousands of kilometers, go underground, under water, come back to the surface, and such “tees” provide a safe connection of different sections of pipelines in the most difficult conditions.

The company was called “Eterno” (translated from Latin – “eternity”). A worker asks the crew to move two meters away. Although it is desirable even further, because after opening the damper of the furnace, the heat is such that it is felt at a distance of tens of meters. The molten part is jeweled and pulled out by a special heat-resistant loader, and then it is still fantastically accurately lowered into a special press.

Investments in the project – more than 7 billion rubles. And if earlier such parts were purchased in the USA, now there is no such need anymore. New parts are able to serve in any conditions for many years, thanks to protective nanocoating.

“Coating on pipes is a very high-tech product,” says Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Board of RUSNANO OJSC. “This is one hundred percent Russian development, which began when three people came to us at RUSNANO and said:” I have an idea”.

As a result, the new enterprise created almost 500 new jobs. “We talk a lot about import substitution: but not because we want to replace everything, but because it is beneficial for the country,” the president emphasizes.

The Chelyabinsk workers, perhaps like no one else, are closely following world news. Because their pipes go to the construction of Nord Stream-2, and some foreign politicians are trying to interfere with this project.

The plant will have a lot of work, Putin makes clear, despite any political difficulties in the world. Because Europe’s gas demand is growing, and domestic production is falling. It is growing in Russia. “Little is known about this, but Gazprom today supplies the most – 600 million tons,” says Vladimir Putin.

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