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Seeds in Russia have always been in demand. But if not so long ago grandmothers at the crossroads were engaged in the sale of this product, now the seed business attracts many beginning entrepreneurs. The main advantages of this kind of business are good demand for products and the relative simplicity of the production process.

What you need for business

In addition to registering as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, you should start a business with a lease or purchase of premises that will be used as a workshop. You also need to think about a place for a warehouse of finished products and for storing raw materials.

After this, it is necessary to purchase equipment. It is offered by many manufacturing companies and is distinguished by its energy source (electric or gas), the residence time of the seed in it, the method of exposure, etc. Depending on all this, the cost of the devices is determined.

To organize a business, at a minimum, you need a device for cleaning and calibration, an oven for frying seeds, a packaging machine. Among consumables, special films for packaging should be noted. Raw materials for frying can be purchased through advertisements on Internet sites or in periodicals. If you live in an area where agriculture is well developed, you can turn directly to farmers who grow sunflowers.

It is unlikely to be able to cope independently with everything, so you need to hire 2-3 assistants. Since the production is automated, employees do not need special qualifications.

In order to start successfully selling products, you need an effective advertising company. Some seed producers put a small souvenir or candy in bags as a marketing ploy, as reported on the packaging. Also on the bags you can put information about how useful sunflower seeds.

Room requirements

There are no special requirements for the location of the premises in which the workshop and warehouse will be located. In this regard, you can rent a building in the “sleeping” area, which will save money. Construction and sanitary requirements are almost the same as for the premises in which the production of other food products is located.

The warehouse should be well protected from rodents or birds. Concrete flooring, hermetically sealed doors and windows should be taken care of.

If a gas type is selected for production, installation of gas pipes will be required. Fire safety of the premises is coordinated with the authorities of the State Supervision.

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