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Today, the market for decorative products for decorating household plots or adjoining plots is growing on average by 30-40% per year (the dynamics have not changed over the past few years). Moreover, unlike most other markets that experienced the financial crisis of 2007-2008, the decorative products market continued to grow rapidly. The reason for such great popularity is quite simple, in contrast to Western countries, similar decorations began to appear in our country relatively recently, in any case on a massive scale, as a result the market has great potential. And not only due to the “initiation” of new customers, but also the gradual replacement by “old” customers of their previously purchased figures. Actually this process is largely facilitated by the cost of the products themselves, in fact, small garden figurines are relatively inexpensive, which allows them to be updated fairly painlessly, I say financially. As you can see, the market for such products and the entire landscape design (this area is still just emerging in a broad sense of the word, unlike other business production ideas) is actively growing and there are simply no real prospects for reducing its growth rate.

Now in a nutshell about the technology itself and the organization of mini-production at home. In fact, the manufacturing technology of such garden figures is quite simple and consists of several main stages:

The stages of work on creating figures for garden plots (production), we are talking about the process in terms of working at home as a production.

We find a suitable model or create it, there are many options here from simple copying (though plagiarism is not thankful and you won’t go far, but you can start it) to ordering models from sculptors. There may be another nuance that may be useful to beginners. Often it is enough to take a finished figure and make a small change in it, for example, add a rose to a girl or a tube to a dwarf.

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