Production and installation

Total in the category: 21 types, investment sizes: from 129,320 and up to 1,800,000 rubles.

The section presents a variety of options for creating a small manufacturing business with minimal investment (no more than 1 million rubles).

Format of information provided:

Ideas for business with economic calculations-Examples of business plans for small businesses-Interviews with real entrepreneurs. The relevance of a small manufacturing business

It is generally accepted that small business based on the production of products is a complex costly and unprofitable investment. Let’s try to refute these allegations and understand the question – what is mini-production for small business?

World practice shows that just the ideas, the implementation of which began in small private enterprises, turned out to be the most viable, promising and progressive. Let us recall the birth of the legendary Harley-Davidson motorcycle or the assembly of the first batch of computers by Steve Jobs in the garage. Many leading corporations are classic examples of turning small-scale production into multidisciplinary giants that generate huge revenues, which means that small-scale production is a confident platform for implementing bold ideas or a source of stable earnings on time-tested schemes. Consider which industries today are the most profitable and quick payback, and also determine the set of mandatory conditions in the organization of any production, on which the potential, and subsequently real success of the enterprise depends.

Where to begin?

The three pillars that determine the sustainability of a manufacturing enterprise are:

an interesting business idea, the availability of knowledge of production technology, start-up capital in the required amount.

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