The main thing is not to focus on

History knows many of the most diverse ideas that actually bring profit to their creators from nothing. What is a whole lot of stock exchange instruments worth, futures (what is it?) And indices, speculative instruments, which, in fact, do not carry anything tangible except money. However, this is not even surprising, because the modern economic model has already become accustomed to such statements. The sale of air is an extremely strange business. How can you imagine that selling air can make a lot of money? But this is not about the global size of the supplied air. It is about such an original idea that the conversation will go.

The essence of the new idea

The idea of ​​selling air is not new. Of course, this is not about the industrial scale of selling air to some ephemeral places where it is not enough, as for example, the situation is with water. From the middle of the last century, one could see empty bottles in the souvenir shops of the world with the inscription, for example, “Air of Paris” or “Air of Venice”. Such souvenirs carry an exclusively lyrical and psychological meaning and do not have their own monetary value. Actually this is a souvenir in every sense. But as practice shows, vacationers are happy to pay a lot of money for the opportunity to take home a bottle filled with the atmosphere of the resort.

In Ukraine, from the 80s it was possible to purchase Odessa air. Moreover, on the packaging it was indicated that the air was carefully collected on the streets of the city during Humorina, which only fueled the interest and feelings of tourists. The extraordinary value of such a souvenir is not understood by everyone. But only if a person who has been in Odessa then looks at a jar of Odessa air, then memories of the trip will surely come up with bright colors. At the same time, a souvenir jar with air acts as a kind of beacon for memory.

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